Sheffield Students' Union to get a dose of Cool Beans!

Get ready Sheffield, Cool Beans are in town, and it's going to be big.
Bringing DJ Woody, Dutty Moonshine, New Town Kings, Balkan Bandits with him; Chris Arnold's creation rolls in to town, stopping off at Sheffield Uni's S.U. for what promises to be an amazing night.
With DJ Woody being the only non-American DJ to be invited to perform at the US DMC Finals; Dutty Moonshine colossal bass lines; the irresistibly addictive ska/reggae crossover of New Town Kings and local Sheffield boys Balkan Bandits, as well as support music from SYSTEM:ATTIC, this night should be going down in Sheffield folklore as a real "where-were-you" moment of the illustrious Union's history.
Non students are of course welcome, and considering their previous visit comprised everything to crowd surfing monkeys, this night certainly isn't one to turn down!
For information on the gig, click here.

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