Sheffield Stocks World's Highest Cafe

Now that's what I call a Frappachino! 
It's a cafe with altitude! Steel City coffee suppliers Cafeology have teamed up with Sheffield chef and barista Adam Ward to create a coffee shop at the foot of Everest.  Setting off from the steel city on Thursday March 22nd, the Sheffield explorer's first task upon arrival in Nepal will be to collect 20 kilos of Cafeology's single blend columbian roast from the foot of neighbouring Kathmandu. You're gonna need a bigger trolley, Adam.
Hailing from the icy wastes of Walkley, Adam will be dealing with freezing conditions to work as a chef and manager at the Everest base for three months for local expedition company Jagged Globe. “The idea for the world’s highest café came to me when I knew that I’d be working with Jagged Globe but I wanted to do something to promote what Cafeology does," Explained Adam as he wrapped up in preparation for his chilly adventure. "There won’t be any fresh coffee up there so I thought it would be a real treat for climbers something to wash down the goat curry and rack of yak…!"
Find out more about Adam's trip at the Cafeology website here. 

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