Sheffield Clubbers' Guide: Part Two

Hello, and welcome to our ultimate clubbers' guide…PART TWO!
We've already taken you through the biggest and best clubs and nights in Sheffield in Part One. Now get ready to delve a little deeper into Sheffield's club scene as we take a look at some alternatives to the bright lights of town – alternatives that will have you desperate to venture off the beaten track.

                                         One-off event Faction, held at DLS on 3rd June 2012
Dirty Little Secret (DLS) – electronic, suitable for scenesters
Where: 7 Smithfield, S3 7AR
Dirty Little Secret, or DLS as it’s known to its friends, is a warehouse/club space located down in Shalesmoor which plays host to some of the City’s most exciting electronic music events.
Shalesmoor? Is that… er, is that near West Street? No my friend, no it is not. This one’s a little bit out of town, and it’s all the better for it. Away from the more established clubs in the centre of town, DLS is doing something different both in terms of its club space and the nights it plays host to.
Behind its stony walls lie warehouse spaces, courtyards and a clubbing experience you won’t forget. Each event has a bespoke layout, with certain areas opened for certain nights. Focussed firmly (and gladly) at the electronic end of the spectrum DLS hosts nights for some of Sheffield’s hottest promoters and is the regular home of techno/house legends Collect!
Top tip: Keep a close eye on your friends, or you may find yourself embroiled in a lonely night-long game of hide 'n' seek.
Check out the DLS facebook page for more info.

                                                               Photography: Image 23
Yellow Arch Studios – something unusual
Where: 30-36 Burton Road, S3 8BX
Recording studios by day, multi-room venue by night – Yellow Arch plays host to a whole range of wonders within its oh so 'Sheffield' walls. Tucked away in the heart of Kelham Island's warehouses, swanky new developments and industrial history Yellow Arch is very much part of modern Sheffield. Everyone from the Artic Monkeys, to Richard Hawley, to Reverend and the Makers and beyond have recorded here – and this musical excellence carries over into their night time entertainment.
Although Yellow Arch doesn't have any regular nights, there's always an unusual, or one-off night on the horizon such as the massive six room musical and visual feast they provided during (free music festival) Tramlines this year. More for fans of dance, dub and reggae – but always worth a visit to experience this interesting, versatile space and a bit of Sheffield history! Keep your eyes peeled.
Top tip: Whilst you’re down that end of town make sure you check out some of the pubs. Settle by the river at the Riverside, enjoy the lovely Fat Cat beer garden or snaffle a pickled egg at the Gardeners Rest.
Find out more at the Yellow Arch Studios website.

Kabal –something unusual, electronic, dress down
Where: ???
Kabal is the stuff of Sheffield legend, a travelling warehouse cornucopia of electronic music, a secret union of bass fiends and party lovers.
No venue is used twice for Kabal and there is no website or facebook group – yep, these are some tricky customers! Your best bet for tracking them down is their twitter page, @Kabal_Sheffeel, and even then they’re pretty elusive. If you do manage to pin them down though, you’re in for a treat.
Previous venues have included recording studios, railway arches, plenty of warehouses and even an old funeral home. The music is bass heavy ranging through dancehall, dubstep, garage, grime, drum’n’bass, reggae and more. Kabal resident DJs Pipes and the FMG are big names in the Sheffield scene and Pipes has recently been responsible for a special dub remix of Toddla T’s huge album ‘Watch Me Dance’, alongside Ross Orton. Previous names to grace the decks include Toddla himself, Redlight, Zed Bias, local one to watch Checan and plenty more. Expect a night of quality music, incredible atmosphere and a sense of authenticity that not many other nights in Sheffield can boast. This is the real deal.
Top tip: In the words of Kabal themselves ‘Seek and Ye Shall Find’.

Keep your eyes peeled for these names as you sift through the thousands of flyers and facebook event invites that come flooding in:
Collect! – A night that happens sporadically but has a residency at DLS, and specialises in dirty techno and house. Collect! has played a huge role in pushing Sheffield’s underground music scene forward, and their nights always go off. Great music, great venue.
Drumro[ll] – Experts in deep, high-end techno bringing some of the freshest acts to venues around the Steel City. Might sound like a bit of a niche, but the music is top notch.
Bunga Bunga – Party people get down to Bunga Bunga – a night that travels around the city and brings you house, garage, grime, bassline, bashment and the rest. Coming from a warehouse near you.
Liquid Steel Sessions (LSS) – A soundsystem, DJ and events collective dedicated to bass music with an emphasis on reggae and dub, look out for events and projects!

And there it is, our mega guide to clubbing in the City of Steel! We've crammed in a little bit of everthing, and there's still plenty of stuff left for you to discover by yourselves. Whether you're after chart toppers or charming warehouses this city's got something to offer, and it's all yours for the taking. We'll see you on the dancefloor.

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