Shakespeare in Peace Gardens

GB Theatre Company are delighted to be performing William Shakespeare’s most famous love story “Romeo and Juliet” and the ever popular ”Twelfth Night” in Sheffield city centre in July.
Dressed in traditional costumes, the open-air performances will take place in Sheffield's Peace Gardens on Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July. It is the first time that SheffieldPeace Gardens has played host to an open air theatre production.
Guests will witness shipwrecks, swordfights, hidden identities, forbidden marriage and of course, the amazing verse poetry and prose of the ‘star-crossed lovers’.
The cast includes Gabriel Thomson (My Family, Enemy at the Gates), who will return to the company to play Romeo – and Lucy Wray, one of London’s new hot talents of the stage, as Juliet.
Neil Sheppeck of Love & Madness and one of the country’s most exciting young Directors (Romeo and Juliet) and the ever experienced Michael Woodwood from Vital Stages Theatre (Twelfth Night) are the Directors for this year’s tour.
The one year old GB Theatre Company already boasts critical acclaim for the debut productions, As You Like It and Merry Wives of Windsor in 2010, staring Stacey Roca (The Office, Waking the Dead), Matt Milburn (Hollyoaks) and Gabriel Thomson.
For more information visit the GB Theatre Website.

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