Sensoria’s last weekend

Almost at the end of the Sensoria fest now, and it looks as though the weather’s going to defeat the plans I had.
There’s a fair bit of outdoor action today and tomorrow, but first off I’m going to call in to the Site Gallery to see Bill Drummond’s Ragworts exhibition.  I’ll have to admit a bit of self-interest here, as I’m featured in it.  If you don’t know about Bill’s choir The 17, follow the link.  Suffice to say that Jo and Nigel from Sensoria and myself are reading one of the Score’s that Bill composed during his time as ‘composer in residence’ for Sensoria.  It’s on until the 5th May so get down if you can. 
Next stop was the most unusual event of the festival.  A headphone gig performed on the Moor, in Debenhams window, by a one off collaboration of Sheffield musicians, as they perform a tribute to Kraftwerk.  Bizarre and exciting in equal measure I think you’ll agree if you watch the link.   With my headphones on, (£10 deposit paid) I had a coffee, wandered round Debenhams and Superdrug, all without missing a note of their gig and the Michael Eden one which followed.  It’s the future of live gigs I’m sure.  I’d like to see a few more of these please!
Off home for some tea before coming back into town to watch Slade in Flame, referred to by Mark Kermode as the Citizen Kane of rock films and he was not wrong.  The fact that I’ve waited almost 40 years to get round to seeing this is to my great shame, as it was a marvellous film, and thankfully the open-air screening had been shifted from the freezing cold Devonshire Green to the SensoriaSpace in Trafalgar House.  Only a few of us there sadly, but it was a lovely end to the day. The whole film's available to watch online, too. Get down and get with it!


This weather’s is ridiculous, and has meant that all today’s outdoor events have been brought indoors to the Trafalgar House.  Alan Smyth’s Crazy Art Golf course is here, and the Park Hill sounds workshop is in full swing.  It’s an open participatory event for anyone who wants to join in the creation of music, and everyone is having a great time.  I’m meeting Samira down to watch Desi Boys, courtesy of the headphone technology they used on the Moor yesterday, as there’s a lot more noisy stuff going on in SensoriaSpace, so it’s good to be able to immerse ourselves in the film which she tells me is the Bollywood version of the Full Monty.  Just as I’m getting into it, the bulb fails, so I’ll have to get myself a copy and finish it off on another occasion. 
And that’s it.  Phew, it’s finally done! Sincere thanks to Jo Wingate and Nigel Humberstone for their Herculean efforts to put this wonderful festival together.  Hell, Nigel even nipped of with brother Klive to play an ITN gig in Whitby, so who knows how tired they all must be.  Until next year!  I’m getting excited already…

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