Sensoria Sunday: Tara Busch

Sensoria Sunday Part Two: Tara Busch
Wow this was a really special one; a world premier performance of ‘I Speak Machine’, described as a sonic story of a dark AI romance.  Tara Busch has composed a 7-act electronic symphony, which tells the story of a relationship between a scientist and an android called GENA.  All a bit sci-fi, but what better way could there be to tell the tale than in the stark surroundings of Sensoria’s own venue, SensoriaSpace. 
She is a renowned composer and musician in the work of electronica, and sitting with her computers and self-built synthesiser in the industrial space of Trafalgar House, she performed and sang a powerful, almost overwhelming, piece of music.  I spoke to Alan Smyth, who loved it, and several other people too thought this was the highlight of the festival so far.
Listen to Tara yourself on her soundcloud page.

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