Sensoria Sunday: Pete McKee's Musicartoons

 Sensoria Sunday Part Three: Pete McKee's Musicartoons
Animated music videos have always been my favourite kind. Who really wants to see the band singing into the camera, or acting out the lyrics of the song in some cheesy video? Much more fun to animate it like they used to do on the Old Grey Whistle Test, or make a plasticine model of yourself to sing your song.
Pete McKee’s selection of music videos showed me he feels the same way. They ranged from the totally weird ‘Wanderlust’ from Bjork to the nostalgic ‘Sledgehammer’ by Peter Gabriel to the just plain Grange-Hill-opening-credits style of Elvis Costello’s ‘Accidents will happen’. Some videos made decidedly average tracks into pure entertainment, so that’s ‘job done’ really as far as the animator is concerned.
Just a little gem of information from Pete tonight: parts of Sledgehammer were an early Ardman Animation from Nick Parks, who went to Psalter Lane College. Didn’t know that. 

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