Sensoria Sunday: Imshuradj (People without a country)

Sensoria Sunday Part One: Imshuradj (People without a country)
Today it’s time to scoot to the opposite end of the Sensoria spectrum, to experience what I reckon they do best: one off events, in unusual venues, sometimes even for free. 
The Tuareg people live in North Africa, but are stateless and struggle to survive.  Yorkshire-based Tuareg film-maker Akli Sh’kka has made a film, which, out of necessity, was shot undercover in the Sahara about his people’s plight, and as part of Sensoria it was shown today in the Harland Café. 
He spoke to the audience afterwards and they were keen to find out more about the background to the film and what he feels the future holds for his people.  This was followed by a delightful musical performance by a fellow Tuareg musician Danto Aiyya and his Acacus band. 
An interesting and thought provoking Sunday lunchtime, in a great cafe, with some authentic Saharan music and a fascinating film.  Next stop, Trafalgar House.

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