Sean Doron Reveals How He Created Cala Comte

Sean Doron is the pride of Tel Aviv. Although Israel produces many talented DJs every year, Tel Aviv is one of the smaller areas that don’t usually contribute this glory. But Sean has successfully changed that equation in the last few years. He is now one of the most celebrated DJs not only in Israel but around the world. His groovy music captivates his fans as he mixes minimal house grooves and deep sounds. He is so popular that he managed to release some of his popular songs on various iconic labels, such as Crosstown rebels, Flying circus, Bla Bla Music, Inmotion Music, and Rotary Cocktail Records.

The success of Cala Comte

Every musician will agree that there was one song in their lives that made them burst onto the scene. For Sean, it was Cala Comte. Although it didn’t become an instant hit, it slowly grew among his audience and stayed with them for years. He says, “I never expected the song to become such a sensation. Its drum beats are different from my other songs, and I had also introduced a few supple beats to make the song sound groovy. I think that made a difference to the overall song. If you hear it carefully, you will notice the beats becoming crispier before hitting the metallic tones. 

This variation made the difference. There was hardly a song before that that had so many varieties. I always had a thing for drum beats. I love playing it occasionally as it makes me clear my mind. And the metallic drum beats came like that. It wasn’t planned. I thought of using the beats to see if it made the song better. Fortunately, the combination clicked. The drum modulations, together with the trippy music, in the beginning, create the perfect atmosphere for the audience.

The beginnings of Monochrome

The secret to making such wonderful music is Sean’s house. He is a peace-loving person and believes that his creativity comes when no one is disturbing him. He said in a recent interview, “I can’t work when there are people at my house. I can stay in my room for hours creating my next album, provided no one calls me or anything. Different musicians or DJs have their way of making music. I love a calm and quiet environment. That’s why my house is slightly at a distance from the heart of the city.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the crowd. I love playing for my audience. It was a dream to start my entertainment service, and finally, that dream is now confirmed. Monochrome is now the hub for those who love my music. It’s an invitation-only event where we only allow guests with prior permission to attend our events. I can’t express how happy I feel when people request my songs. I guess that’s the kick every musician needs to make better songs.”

Sean now plays in various music festivals and even gets invitations from popular fashion week celebrations. You can catch him live at Miami, New York, Ibiza, Mykonos / Monochrome or if you follow his Instagram page for show updates.

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