Scritti Politti: Absolute

The basics
Scritti Politti have made some of the most sublime pop songs ever released.  Green Gartside is the man behind their music, and has been since they formed, after he was inspired by seeing the Sex Pistols at Leeds Poly in 1976. 
In all that time they only recorded five albums, sometimes leaving well over ten years between releases, and the last of which received a Mercury nomination.  In all that time, this is their first ever compilation.
The verdict
You may be familiar with ‘Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)’, ‘Oh Patti’ and ‘Hypnotise’ and they should be in everybody’s collection somewhere, but there are other truly delightful songs to be found here. 
If you’ve never heard the beautiful ‘Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder’, be warned; you may well need a lie down afterwards. 
His last album in 2006 proved he was as creative today as he ever was, although strangely there are no tracks from it among the 18 chosen here. 
It does include the mandatory ‘couple of new tracks’ which all such compilation packages seem required to have, and interestingly they mark a return to working with David Gamson, who last appeared in the eighties on their most commercially successful albums ‘Cupid and Psyche 85’ and ‘Provision’. 
That aside, it is no substitute for something new.  Over to you Green.  
Mark Perkins


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