Scary Movies That Are Based On True Events

Horror movies are scary to watch. From serial killers, aliens, ghosts and more these movies are not the easiest to watch. However the fact that it is based on true events will make them even scarier. It will be interesting though to realize that the things we only believe to happen in movies and french online casinos do exist in the world we live in. Here are some scary movies that are actually based on true events.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019)

This movie is not really a horror movie but either way, the events are chilling and scary. For those who do not know about Ted Bundy, this movie is about him. A serial killer who confessed to murdering over 30 women and the number is believed to be more. He was charming, a family man and an aspiring lawyer who terrorized the cities of the United States killing women and using them to satisfy his sexual needs. The movie featured Zac Efron as Ted Bundy.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

This movie was about a girl who was possessed by several demons. She challenged the justice system and eventually died during her exorcism. Although doctors tried to apply some reasoning to her weird behavior which included eating bugs, deforming her own body and other things they saw on best online casino slots .All those who have watched the movie saw the tapes that played before the credits. That was the actual story of a young German woman named Anneliese Michel.

The Conjuring (2013)

This movie is about the Warrens who are brought in to help a certain family which was being tormented by some vengeful spirits in their homes. The Perrons had to ask for help as they could not help it anymore. The movie stayed true to the true events excerpt for the one part. Unlike in the movie, in the real story, the Warrens failed to rid the Perron’s family from these spirits and they had to leave the house instead. The true events of the movie according to some sources are creepier.

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