Safe as Houses: Exposed's Road and Alcohol Awareness Week

Now if the likes of Darth Vader is prepared to pitch in for you it's safe to say you've got a message worth hearing…
And as it's Road Safety and Alchohol Awareness Week, we’ve decided to dedicate a week’s worth of content to raise awareness of smart approaches to socialising and crossing roads we were there (making sure to look both ways beforehand).
Looking after yourself (and your mates) when mixing a night out with Sheffield's busy roads is a good way to make sure you don't wind up finding out if there's an afterlife before your time, but we've got some sensible (and spooky) treats for you from here to Friday as part of Road Safety Week and Alcohol Awareness Week…
There's a wander round the city centre's drinkeries to find out how to tell when it's time to move to the lemonade; an eerie look at how not to run a hot sauce shop, plus a great guide to alcohol-free cocktails to go anytime. We're pretty excited about being able to have a Pina Colada with our cornflakes in the morning…!
But to kick us off we've got our Music Editor's misguided attempt to impress our interns in a misguided Flatliners meets A-ha video trip to the spirit world. See you on the other side!
Find out more about Road Safety Week and Alcohol Awareness Week on their websites. Both organisations do lots of great work – like supporting a slow down to 20mph around built-up areas, which would reduce accidents as well help the environment – so do have a look round.

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