Rose Elinor Dougall: Without Why

The Basics: If you took away Florence's machines and introduced her and Kate Bush as vocalists for The Smiths then you'd be pretty close to the sound of Rose Elinor Dougall. If her voice sounds familiar then you probably heard Rose in her former band, The Pipettes who were essentially three 21stcentury teenagers preparing to revive the 60s with catchy tunes like Pull Shapes. Either that or you think she sounds like Florence Welch, Marina Diamond etc.
Without Why is Rose's debut album. After spending four years dancing and singing like a white version of The Supremes in The Pipettes, Rose left to pursue a solo career.
With Dougall having spent two years writing and recording there are big hopes for Without Why. Not least because she has just recorded with Mark Ronson in New York for his Record Collection album. Look out for her on a UK tour soon with a backing band comprised of friends and family, lovingly referred to as The Distractions.
The Verdict: Rose Elinor Dougall may have a history in happy clappy pop, and be relatively unknown in the grand scheme of all things music but this is a surprising, sophisticated album. After all it's name comes from the creations of Angelus Silesuis, a German 17thcentury poet.
Her haunting vocals coupled with cleverly penned lyrics are spot on and will no doubt draw comparisons to Florence Welch. I can't help thinking that had Dougall's album materialised prior to all these lone young women with haunting vocals and a band behind them she might have been sucked into a musical black hole.
Album highlights include spritely previous single Another Version of a Pop Song, Find Me Out and Fallen Over.
Try as you might, it's going to be a struggle to get this album off your iPod once you let it on there.
Eight out of ten

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