Rophonic live at the Lantern Theatre: You Are The Audience.


Rophonic haven’t played many live gigs yet, so this one’s not to be missed. They’re the result of an ongoing collaboration between two Sheffield groups, Animat and Third Half and their ‘You are the Audience’ show on 11 September is about the basic human need to entertain, and the strange world performer and audience enter to make it happen. The intimacy of the Lantern Theatre would seem to be the ideal venue for this. They create a strange and wonderful sound, combining electronics, harp, guitar and vocals, and the show will have specially created visuals and video projections created to compliment their unusual music. They’ll be launching a mini-album at the event and get there early too, as support is from the equally unique and talented Sieben, with his compelling one-man fiddle symphonies. Rophonic always aim to make each show a unique event, with its own theme and atmosphere, so this will be your only chance to experience it live. 


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