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Room With A View: Exposed Meets Room 94.


Room 94 are a rock/pop/RnB band hailing from Hertfordshire who’ve already begun making waves on the music scene – impressively landing themselves in the UK Top 40 with their debut album ‘No Strings Attached’ as an unsigned band. Less than a year later, they’re back with their eponymous second album. We caught up with frontman Kieran to chat tour stories, impressing girls, and their upcoming gig at Sheffield’s O2 Academy.


You’re coming to Sheffield March 7 as part of your ‘Dirty Dancing’ tour. Are you familiar with Sheffield?


Yeah, we’ve done a lot of touring over the years, and we’ve been to Sheffield a few times – probably over 10 times, I’d say. We love the Sheffield nightlife, it’s one of the best bits about going there. Corporation especially!


You’ll have to grab a few cheeky purple pints after the show. So, what’s the best and worst thing about being on the road?


Ooh, best AND worst thing. It’s hard to pick just one best thing as it’s just everything. I absolutely love touring. I love playing live music, traveling – it’s like a lads mad holiday! I suppose if I had to pick a bad thing it would be how difficult it is to eat healthily. It’s just pure takeaways and service station Burger Kings. You come back feeling huge and bloated!


Room 94 list ‘Partying and Touring’ as their main interests on Facebook. Do you have any good tour stories?


There’s loads! Our bassist Kit, he’s the person who causes a lot of our funny tour stories. He’s the quietest and shyest member of the band – but when he starts drinking he turns into a completely different person. There’s always one person in a group of friends who gets too hammered – and in our case it’s definitely Kit. Once he’s had a few too many Jägerbomb’s he goes mental and does all sorts of crazy stuff. When we were in Glasgow we went on a pretty messy night out and he woke up in this hotel lift with a busted foot. It was really disgusting and absolutely knackered. He’d lost £60 and was covered in his own piss. It always happens to him!


Poor Kit! So the tour comes just after the release of your self-titled new album. What can you tell us about it?


Well, last year we were signed to a pretty rubbish label, which we were trying to leave. There was a lot of anger and, as a band, we felt very down – a lot of people had made false promises and just wanted money. After a mad 2013 we really had an opportunity to look back and think about what we wanted to do. We really felt like our first album was too produced, it was too electric and wasn’t really like the music we wanted to play. This album is very much guitar, bass, drums. It’s quite emotional as well. It’s definitely the album we always wanted to release.


Well from pre-orders alone, the album is already #9 in the iTunes Rock Chart. That’s some pretty impressive stuff!


It feels good! It’s been a pretty up and down year… there were a lot of moments where we felt really fed up. But the album coming out is definitely an anxious/excited feeling. Fans have been loving the previews, so we’re excited for it to finally come out.


Your music has a mixture of rock, pop-punk and RnB. Who are your musical influences?


Some people like one genre. Some people who like rock music will only like rock music and some who like rap will only like rap. We’re not like that – we draw our influences from a lot of different sources. We listen to everything. We love our Nirvana and Green Day, but we also like One Direction and Drake. With the new album we didn’t want to be just one genre. We’ve got some rap on this album, sort of like The Streets.


So you, Dean and Sean are all brothers. What’s it like working with your siblings?


Everyone always expects there to be arguments – and it’s just not like that at all. I’ve been in bands before where there’s always arguing, and Room 94 just isn’t that. The beauty is, with a family member; if they’re being annoying you can just tell them. I think that’s why it works. Kit, who’s the only non-family member of the band, he’s just like a brother now. He’s a brother from another mother! I can’t imagine doing this without them.


Did you play a lot of music together growing up?


Me and Dean have been playing together since we were in our teens – and Sean’s always been doing his own thing. We come from a very musical family, our dad plays guitar and we’ve been brought up around music.


So how did Room 94 start?


At school! The room we used to rehearse in at school was room 94 – hence the name. When we started, it was merely to impress girls. We couldn’t actually play anything, we just thought it’d be good to walk around being like ‘hey, we’re in a band’ and the girls would come flocking. Needless to say, it didn’t work, so we actually made it into a band.


I imagine there were a lot of screaming girls when you toured with Union J last year!


(Laughs) Well we’d just come off a great tour with Lawson – so we were prepared! It was a great tour, Union J are a fun bunch of guys.


Was it quite nerve-wracking playing the big arenas?


I always get nervous, it’s good to get a bit nervous. A little drink beforehand always helps!


Well it certainly sounds like you guys are going to be having quite a busy year. What else have you got planned?


We’re going to be doing a signing tour, so going round all the HMV’s and meeting people and signing lots of CDs! There’s some other stuff, but that’s a secret for now – people will have to keep their eyes peeled!


Room 94 hit the O2 Academy March 7. For tickets go to


Words: Emily Beaumont.


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