Roller Derby 'Inhuman', men rule

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
Frustrated with life? Feel like you need a better way to channel your anger? Enjoy roller skating? (Nope that wasn’t a typo, I did mean roller skating). Well this could be just the brutal hobby for you.
Roller Derby! The heavy metal sport filled to the brim with heavy metal chicks, vicious beat downs and of course, roller skates. The 5-a-side, all-girl sport has become increasing popular in the UK and is a brilliant way for you ladies to really let loose and cause some chaos. Look up (the now illegal) clotheslining (or watch the awesome Whip It) if you need convincing.
Now the Sheffield Steel Roller Girls have taken it upon themselves to create the city's first ever male team, The Inhuman League, who are currently recruiting. The Derby virgins faced Newcastle’s Tyne and Fear in their very own bout on the 28th January, alongside mother team: the SSRG All Stars.
For more information on the sport itself and recruitment, click here and get yourself involved.

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