Rise Against Review

Review of Rise Against at Sheffield O2 Academy.


‘How many of you have heard of an album called Revolutions Per Minute?’ shouts Tim McIllrath to the packed audience at Sheffield’s O2 Academy. A flurry of hands fill the air.

‘Nah, you’re all lying, we didn’t even sell as many records as the amount of hands that went up just then..’

It’s the first night of Rise Against’s UK tour, and all self-deprecating jesting aside, when it comes to their music it can’t be denied that these four Chicago boys know what they’re doing.


Their set kicks off with a high energy performance of Ready To Fall, taken from fourth album The Sufferer And The Witness, and the rest of the performance follows suit, mixing classic fan favourites with a selection of new releases from latest offering The Black Market.


McIllrath is a skilled and now quite a rare kind of frontman – engaging the audience enough between songs to keep the flow going but generally, letting the music speak for itself. And boy does it. Touching on every topic from environmental destruction to gun crime in America, the audience leaves energised, inspired and feeling like for all its sins, punk music can still actually mean something important.


Rebecca Elvidge


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