Richard Herring – 23 Oct Review

Having previously tackled the big issues of religion, love and penises, Richard Herring confronts death in his latest show “We’re All Going To Die” – a thoughtful thesis on the nature of mortality that’s as consistently funny as it is interesting.


Herring discusses big ideas with a lightness of touch and plenty of cock jokes, proving his claim that comedy is probably the best way of dealing with these issues. Death is the one thing that happens to everyone but the one thing we don’t discuss, and it’s by laughing in its stupid face that we can overcome our fear.


Even when he’s covering sensitive topics such as 9/11 or the Holocaust, it’s with a strongly humanitarian approach where the butt of the joke is always stupidity or cruelty. His bookazine routine is surely up there with the best of his 25 year comedy career.


As with “What is Love, Anyway?” the show is moving as well as hilarious, lifting the crowd with its positive message about enjoying our infinitesimally unlikely lives while we can. Plus the most intricate deconstruction of the old lady who swallowed a fly song you’ll hear this year.


Words: Dan Meier

Sheffield City Hall

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