Interview: Reyt Good Illustration

We’ve caught up with Andy from Reyt Good Illustration to chat about how he set up the business and his collaboration with Netheredge pizza.

How did the name Reyt Good come about?
I didn’t just want to use my own name and wanted it to have a positive sound but without sounding cheesy!  I also wanted it to reflect my Sheffield routes and one day whilst writing ‘Reyt Good’ in a text to someone I knew it fitted exactly with what I wanted.  Within 24 hours the name, logo and Instagram page (@reytgoodillustration) were created.


Could you give us a bit of background on how you got into illustration and how you came to the decision to start your own business?
I originally studied Art and Design at Norton College after leaving school.  A lot of the work we did was away from computers and this helped develop and form my love of drawing and illustration. Through the years I have always continued to draw no matter what full-time role I have been in. Last year (whilst in a very unfulfilling role) I decided it was something I wanted to pursue full-time.

What were the main difficulties you encountered with setting up your own business?
Gaining exposure and creating a following of people who connect and relate to my artwork and illustrations.  I know it will be hard work to establish myself but with it being something I love doing I know it will always feel worth it.


Is reyt good illustrations currently your full-time job or something you do on the side?
This is now my current full-time job but something I have always had a passion for.  I also work on freelance marketing and graphic design projects as these are areas I have worked in in the past.


You’re currently doing some work with Netheredge Pizza, how did this collaboration come about? And is there any other Sheffield based companies you’re looking to work with in the future?
I was keen to work alongside well-loved Sheffield brands and contacted Netheredge Pizza to ask if they be interested in displaying any of my artwork.  After a conversation with the owner Gary, it turned out I would be going one step further than that by painting my illustrations as murals on their walls.  In the future I would like to work on similar collaborations with established and up-and-coming Sheffield brands.

Do you believe that it is important for local businesses to support each other?
I feel it is important for us all to support each other generally.  Sheffield at the moment has a very strong independent network of businesses and I feel this is achieved by these businesses working closely together and helping to promote each other.  It feels exciting to become a part of this.


Who would you say are your main artistic influences?
I would say the people who first caught my interests and helped me form my own style would be Roy Lichtenstein and David Hockney. I love their graphic style and bold colours, almost a mix of design and art.  I want to create artwork that can be enjoyed commercially and personally.


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To see more of Andy’s illustrations and details of how to purchase visit @reytgoodillustration 



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