Revv'ing Makers – Workstation's 20 Years of Creativity

Once upon a time, the Workstation was just a slightly dusty car Showroom (now you know where the name comes from) – but in 1993 the wheels turned on a brand new era for the space as a turbo-charged motoring home for the city's creatives…


Now, they’re celebrating their first 20 years with a ‘We Are 20’ exhibition at their neighbours The Showroom. Basically one long birthday party, with a host of events going on from July 26 to the end of September, the good people at The Workstation have even commissioned a brand new piece of artwork by artist Jonathan ‘We Live Here’ Wilkinson, and there's also photography from the likes of Shaun Bloodworth capturing the building and those who have called it their home over the years.


Why not wander down and explore a little creative history in the heart of the Culture Industries Quarter? Visit the Showroom website for more info.


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