Review – The Script @ Motorpoint Arena – 15/03/13

The pop-rock gig is a funny old thing…
On one hand, the band is keen to emphasise that it's all about the music, so there's little of the showiness on display that you'd see at a Take That or Beyonce gig. Transitions consist largely of black-outs and drum solos as opposed to elephants and acrobats. On the other hand, however, it's also very much about the screaming teenage girl contingent, taking pictures of the crowd for their twitter profile, and super-tight jeans.
None of this is necessarily a bad thing, and it has to be said that what The Script do, they do very well. When put alongside their support act – The Original (not) Rude (hardly) Boys (definitely) – who have no idea what their style is and whose biggest sell point was "Ladies and gentlemen… a ukulele!", The Script positively shine!

Considering the band released their first of three albums only four years ago, their back catalogue is quite impressive. It's one of those nights where most songs are greeted by "oh yeh, they did that too!". It has to be said that it is earlier tracks which stand out, a performance of 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' being one of the highlights, alongside a beautiful, stripped down version of 'I'm yours', a lesser known album track which is more reminiscent of John Mayer than anything else. This is the most intimate song in an otherwise upbeat set list, which is a shame as The Script are at their strongest when frontman Danny O'Donoghue's voice is given centre stage, a voice lost in much of the noise of the live show.
The boy can sing! Ultimately, it really is all about Danny. The band are tight, but are more suited to the production of a studio album rather than a live set. While after radio plays of many of The Script's songs, you come away humming the melody or attempting the rap bits, after the live performance there is little that sticks in the memory. That said, the energy, charisma and genuine like-ability of the Dublin lads is more than enough to make for an enjoyable evening. All but the most heartless individual will leave with a smile on their face after the final track 'Hall of Fame', in a party-popper strewn Arena.
Words: Ali Bianchi

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