Review – Screaming Maldini at The Harley

OK, before I get going on this review, I need to own up to two things… 
First – I broke my own ‘get there early’ rule and for unavoidable reasons I didn’t catch the support acts. Sorry guys, I tried.
Secondly, I have to own up to being totally obsessed with Screaming Maldini. They are nothing less than sensational. To my jaded ears they are by far the best ‘undiscovered’ band in Sheffield, and deserve to be massive. Their recorded music is phenomenal, and their live performances are nothing short of astonishing. Their debut album came out two weeks ago, and there was no way this was going to be anything other than a triumphant return to Sheffield after their short promotional tour.
Opening with ‘Extraordinary’, that’s just what they are. Their eponymous album is brimming with close harmonies and complex rhythmic patterns, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’d struggle to reproduce that level of complexity live. But it doesn’t take long to realise that what Screaming Maldini can do in the studio they are more than capable of delivering on stage. The musicianship is exemplary, and the vocal performance of Nick Cox and Gina Walters are near perfect. I’ve seen Gina sing with a variety of Sheffield bands and never been less than impressed, but with Screaming Maldidi she has found her true home. ‘Summer Somewhere’ was the song everyone had been waiting for, and tonight it became an anthem, with the crowd making most of the band redundant by singing along louder than they did. You must at the very least hear this band, and if you get the chance you need to experience them live. You have been warned, I’ll be checking up on you.
Review by Mark Perkins.
Photography by Marek Payne

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