Review: Kate Rusby @ Sheffield City Hall

It just isn’t Christmas without being serenaded by the Barnsley Nightingale, Kate Rusby. Featuring mostly some ‘proper’ Christmas carols that are sung each year in the pubs around South Yorkshire, Kate tells us these are the songs that got the boot from the church by the Victorians for being too jolly… these are the songs you know like the back of your hand, but are transformed by Kate’s unique sound of her angelic voice, along with her boy-band, who work tirelessly with their array of instruments including an according, double bass, a plethora of stringed instruments and a whole brass band.

Each song comes with an anecdote from Kate; whether that be about the origin of the song, their antics on tour (they have a craft shop they keep well-stocked whilst on tour, spending time crocheting or knitting to pass the hours), or about her family life… of course she tells us over and over that Sheffield is and will continue to be the best date on the tour – she loves coming back to Yorkshire to have a right nice Christmas sing song.

For more information visit Kate’s facebook page, facebook.com/officialkaterusby

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