Residency Project and Exhibition: Wall Works One and Two

Over a month Bryan Eccleshall will create two wall works, each in a separate gallery at Bank Street Arts, that echo older works.
Firstly, the twelve most popular postcards from the Graves Art Gallery will be reproduced, actual size, as line drawings. The source material for these drawings will be the postcards themselves, rather then the actual paintings. Consequently the re-making of the images will be subject to fractured and faulty translation.
Once this first installation is completed, The artist will move to another gallery to recreate a curious image from art’s past. In 1911 the Mona Lisa was stolen form the Louvre by an Italian nationalist hoping to return it to what he believed was the painting’s homeland. While it was missing – it turned up two years later – a photograph was taken of the space it had occupied. Eccleshall will turn an absence into a presence by painting that image directly onto the wall.
The artist hopes these installations, that are not two halves of a whole, will create dialogues: between himself, the works themselves and the source material.
He will also collaborate with Angelina Ayers, writer in residence at Bank Street – and somewhere along the line with an audience. These dialogues are likely to be bumbling and awkward with misunderstandings and blind alleys.
As the installations progress a written document will be created as a supplement to the wall pieces. Though this will principally be a written dialogue between Bryan and Angelina, anyone can add their words.


Bank Street Arts 32-40 Bank Street, Sheffield, S1 2D

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