Rejoice! The Reverend's return

Currently touring as support for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Reverend & The Makers have released the first taster off their forthcoming long player as a free download.
Called ‘Bassline’ and harder than some of the Makers’ previous stuff, it's still got the same 'Kitchen Sink Rave' feel of classic Reverend. Genuflect your way here  to grab it.
Scheduled for release on May 7th, frontman Jon McClure says of the new album, “It's a load of songs about little situations I see living in Sheffield in 2012 and it's gonna be called @reverend_makers.”
Of the use of the band’s Twitter nome-de-plum (featuring Exposed punctuation fave, the ampersat) McClure offers, “Well the songs are all about things that happen in the now. Nothing seems to sum up the present and the times we live in more than the @ symbol. And it's more exciting than ‘Reverend and the Makers’ by Reverend and the Makers, innit? We were gonna call it ‘Out the Shadows’ after one of the songs and then quickly realised it sounded a bit like 'Bouncing Back' by Alan Partridge and promptly changed our mind!”

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