Red Fang

Anyone with their finger on the pulse of heavy music will have noticed the recent rise of bands who come under the umbrella term of 'stoner'. 


There are plenty of subgenres and other names for this style (sludge, doom, dessert rock) but the idea is to make music which sounds best when you're high. Purveyors have included QoTSA and Mastodon, and even the Arctic Monkeys have added elements of stoner rock to their sound, but one of the more recent success stories is Red Fang from Oregon, USA. 


This show at Corp was attended by your typical stoner crowd – veterans of the metal scene wearing beards and flannel shirts – and Red Fang were welcomed to the stage with raucous, beery cheers. Silhouetted against eery smoke and orange lights, they launched straight into their set, all four members uniting in a quest to turn out churning, driving riffs and rhythms. 


As usual, the sound in Corp's big room wasn't great, and the drums were noticeably quiet, which took some punch out of the performance, but it was obvious the night was enjoyed by both band and crowd, who roared along at every opportunity. After a reception like this I'm sure Red Fang will be back.


Photo by Tim Tronckoe

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