Raw Talent

They say variety is the spice of life and at Exposed Towers we tend to like our grub fried, baked and roasted.
So when we heard about the opening of a new raw food vegan café, we were intrigued to say the least. Healthy? Yes. Rival to a bacon sandwich? We may take some convincing…
Raw food fanatic Inga Dirziute became inspired to set up her innovative new café ‘Pure on Raw’ after seeing the benefits a raw diet had on her family’s health. Now bringing her nutritious food to her customers, Inga hopes to demonstrate that raw food can be healthy and tasty.
Make no mistake, this ain’t rabbit food. A menu of burgers, raw pasta and chunky soups promise to taste just as good as cooked meals and sweet toothed customers  can indulge with guilt free ‘medicine’ cakes.
To find out more about Pure on Raw 224-246 Shalesmoor, contact Inga at dirziute@gmail.com. The café is open 10-4 Monday-Saturday with Sundays reserved for cookery courses. Weekly raw food boxes can be delivered to anywhere in the UK and detox juice boxes are also available.

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