Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Christmas Eve then, and an archaeological team in Finland raid the tomb of none other than Santa Claus himself.
You’d think that this would be cause for celebration, but when the local reindeer population wind up getting slaughtered, household appliances disappear mysteriously, and the neighbourhood kids all get nabbed, something’s definitely amiss. When some local hunters track the culprit down, it’s snow laughing matter (sorry).
Of all the festive films we’ll be enjoying (or enduring) this season, few actually get down to the nitty gritty of the true legend of Santa Claus, and this goes to great lengths to literally unearth the story behind that big red gift-giver.
Ever wondered how he manages to cover so much ground in one night? Pondered over the comeuppance of those who’ve not been good for goodness sake? Make no mistake, this Santa knows who’s naughty or nice, and woe betide anyone dropping so much as the f-word. Now that’s festive.

James McVeigh

In it
Onni Tommila, Rauno Juvonen

Behind it
Jalmari Helander


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