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It’s that time of year when you want to make an effort with your outfits. So many parties, so many to shop for, and so much to organise, that often, what’s underneath gets rather forgotten.


We reckon that shopping for the perfect party outfit doesn’t stop with what’s on the outside. For any style lover, she will know that it can come down to the smallest detail to feel confident. So, for a truly special lingerie set, turn to Andrea Billard this Christmas.


We spoke to Creative Director Angela herself, to find out more about this Sheffield based fashion house.


Hello Andrea! Thanks for talking to Exposed. 

My pleasure! 


Firstly, tell us a little more about your background in fashion?

Straight out of college, I was a specialist sportswear designer. I absolutely loved it. Golfwear and equestrian wear can sound boring but it wasn't, I absolutely loved it! I got to design a vast range of products using different fabrics so it was a fantastic training ground.


So how did you make that leap into beautiful lingerie? 

Lingerie was the only product I hadn’t designed so I thought of it as a challenge, and I noticed at the time it was difficult to find bright colours in lingerie. As I love colour, I decided to create a collection based around strong, bold colours such as purple, blues, reds. It has since become what I am known for. 


What inspires you in your design? 

Any thing and everything! For example, my Paris collection was based around my love of world cinema and at the time I was watching quite a few French films.



Which is your favourite set? 

Ooooh it’s hard to say. There are pieces in each collection I love such as the geometry body in Monochrome, the silk bras in Paris and Monte Carlo and the long line bra in Diabla. Too much choice really!


And what is the most popular set you sell?  

At present, Monochrome as it’s been quite a big trend this year. 


So for the boys reading this – how do you buy lingerie for a special lady?

The biggest mistake that most men make with lingerie is that they buy things that they'd like to see their partner in. The trick to romance is working out what your partner would love! An easy place to start is by considering her fashion sense and lifestyle. What clothes does she wear? What are her favourite colours? But, if you’re struggling, our advisors can always help!


You can buy Andrea Billard lingerie online at  


Words: Claire Reynolds


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