Q12: A new queer club night

Boogie on down to Penelope's this Saturday for round two of Sheffield's new queer night.


Q12 prides itself on its body-positive and attitude-free environment where you can enjoy great music, drink a few cocktails and play some games.


There are even video projections and tunes from Small Idea's DJ Koshka – and it's on top of the Odeon cinema!


ICONS are holding the official pre-bar, where you can pick up a flyer for £4 entry and even Q12 bingo tickets.


So check out the Facebook event below and set aside Sunday for recovery! 





Music, cocktails and games!

How much
£5 (£4 with Flyer from ICONS)


In it
DJ Koshka (Small Ideas)

Behind it

Penelope’s, 53-55 Arundel Gate

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