Pure & Simple

Fitness revolutionaries Pure Gym have opened their latest 24 hours a day, seven days a week, £1,000,000 centre in Sheaf Gardens – great news for both the city’s economy and Sheffield buns.
Opened by Miss Sheffield, Kayleigh Hewitt, Pure Gym boasts an impressive 170 pieces of state of the art fitness equipment, as well as classes and programmes available at any time of day. However, what sets Pure Gym apart from their fat fighting competitors is their simple, no thrills approach. There are no peak periods or membership restrictions – just £15.99 a month to use the gym as much as you like.
Although the idea of going for a run at four in the morning isn’t an inviting prospect to everybody, the investment is great news for shift workers, night owls or those who like to avoid the crowds. This isn’t to say that Pure Gym don’t expect their services to be taken full advantage of by regular fitness fanatics as well as people looking for a way to loose weight without lightening their wallets.
To join, simply pay them a visit on Manton Street or check out www.puregym.co.uk.

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