Pumpin' On Mi Stereo – February



It's once again that time of month when you, dear reader, find out what gems, guilty pleasures or downright tripe has been pumping out of my stereo this month.

Ready? Come with me, hold my hand, and let us dip our tippy-toes into the hair-raising world of Kentish punk rockers, Slaves.


























Slaves – Sugar Coated Bitter Truth

I must confess that the angst-ridden, delightfully endearing racket of punk duo Slaves hadn’t previously besieged my ears until they broke into the mainstream – well, Radio 6 mainstream – with ‘The Hunter’. With ears immediately pricked by the sound of something raw and angry, I, like many others, grasped at it thirstily, parched from staggering around a dry desert of ‘safe’ bands with well-polished tracks and not a deal to say. After a quick rummage on Spotify, I was led to their 2013 album – ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’ – which tears through nine tracks at breakneck speed, combining sharp lyrics with passionate delivery and frenetic drumming. Best track is ‘White Knuckle Ride’, which features the ingenious line: ‘I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.’ Overall, it’s gobby and cynical enough to provide a raw edge, and chaotically enjoyable enough to appeal to listeners who might usually see punk-garage as a step out of their comfort zone. Perfect for those Monday mornings when the world deserves a smack in the mouth, this album provides the open palm and delivers with impressive impact.  

Joe Food


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