Prometheus (15) – Review

Director – Ridley Scott
Cast – Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green, Charlize Theron
Run Time – 124 Minutes
Ditching Swords and Sandals for Spaceships: Ridley's Back in the Galactic Saddle.
On  the merits of a single scene in the 1979 film Alien, Ridley Scott has returned from the middle-ages and back to the future. Filling us all in on the meaning of life, the universe and what the dickens a "Space Jockey" is: this is a flick that has been 30 years in the making.
Taking place in the not too distant future, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover cave paintings revealing the way to the creators of the human race. Fast-forward, and they, and a crew of stereotypical scientists, land upon the planet LV-223, ready to meet their makers.
From the opening scene, Prometheus will pull you in with a clever plot, and some surprising moments of body horror. Noomi Rapace is effective as the "I can't believe it's not Ripley" Shaw, but it's Michael Fassbender who takes all the plaudits as the emotionless and calculating android, David.
But for all its moments of brilliance there are plenty of underwhelming aspects to Scott's feature. The 17-strong cast of characters are largely underdeveloped, and tonally Prometheus jars with its source material. There's constant exposition about the bigger picture, contrasting with Alien's depiction of ordinary "space truckers," and it ultimately falls short of the high bar set in the late 70's.
Prequel, reboot, or standalone film, Prometheus will just about please fans of the series, whilst possessing enough intrigue of its own. There are plot holes, and too many questions posed in favour of a sequel, but it's a fun Summer blockbuster nonetheless. Worth the wait? Just.
Review by Adam Tingle

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