Power Ballards at CADS

The late, great sci-fi scribe JG Ballard mapped out the world as a dystopian nightmare in novels such as Crash and The Drowned World.
Whether he was writing about car-crash porn enthusiasts or a futuristic, near-deserted London battered by mega global warming and swamped by monstrous tropical tides, Ballard had his eyes fixed firmly on the dark side of life.
The Borderline Ballardian exhibition at Creative Art Development Spaces, which closes today, brought together a group of artists determined to show us that society must change for the better. From ecological meltdown to personal alienation and creaking capitalism, the exhibits are dazzling creations which ooze Ballard from every pore.
From Kim Thompson's eye-watering oil paintings to Robert Norbury’s quietly powerful photographs of people down on their luck, every piece was designed to make us step back and take a minute to think about how we fit into the world around us.

Other pieces included Nancy Richardson’s stark handwritten plea for us to get back to nature and Mikk Murray’s  Technicolor graffiti doodles.

John Ledger's supreme stencils were another highlight of the exhibition.

Other artists on display included Stuart Alexander, Ryan Vodden, Clinton Kirkpatrick, Gary Steadman and Jade Morris. To see photos of the exhibits click here.
All the photographs in this article were taken by Augustinas Naslenas.
James Archer

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