Fashion Week teams up with Sonic the Hedgehog and Plastic Oceans UK

Sega Europe teamed up with Fyodor Golan for an exclusive collection shown at London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 19.

I’d previously worked with Sega Europe on a Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration whilst I was working at Sheffield born streetwear brand, Drop Dead Clothing. The range consisted of embroidered bomber jackets, embossed tracksuits and printed t-shirts. The collection flew off shelves and set Drop Dead up to release more collaborations with Universal for Jurassic Park and HBO for Game of Thrones.

When I heard about the Sonic collaboration with Fyodor Golan I have to admit I had no idea what to expect. Looking at the colour palettes of Fyodor Golan’s previous lines I knew the collaboration was a great fit but in terms of shape I wasn’t sure. Was there going to be a giant blue hedgehog walking down the runway? Who knew! It was being shown at London fashion Week so anything could happen.

I was greeted by the Sega team at 180 the strand where the show was being held. Everyone was extremely excited, as was I to see what the collection had in store. We were welcomed with Pixel Pal Sonic lights on the front row courtesy of the Sega team. The rooms adjacent walls were painted in a deep royal Sonic blue with an eye catching sculpture of recycled “lost and found” objects at the front. The sculpture was there to emulate coral covered driftwood made of flowers and abandoned fishing nets.

The lights went up and the music started. As the models started to walk the runaway it was evident that this collection was extremely wearable and not costume like at all. The influence of the “ocean tribe” shone throughout the collection with it’s stunning turquoise and sapphire shades. The soft silks of the pieces glided down the runway like waves of the ocean.

The first Sonic piece that came down the runway was a sporty raglan t-shirt with the iconic Sonic logo in blue glitter. The t-shirt was layered with an 80s style silk track jacket with matching blue sapphire silk running shorts. Apart from the raglan t-shirt all the Sonic pieces were a lot more subtle and focused on the early pixelated imagery from the games. Two structured beige bomber jackets came down the runway, one female, one male. The jacket print was made up of pixelated Sonic images, if you didn’t know Sonic it wouldn’t click but if you looked closely you could see the blue details of Sonic himself repeated over the beige bombers.

One of my favourite pieces was an oversized black jumper with a yellow embroidered Sonic over the front leading down to the right arm. Yet again if you weren’t familiar with Sonic the design would appear abstract. The stylist had tucked the jumper into a gathered mini skirt so you could see the top of his head poking out.

The high end designer was extremely apparent within the Fyodor Golan collection, different to the streetwear collection I worked on with Sonic that definitely served its purpose for casual wear. The Fyodor Golan choices of fabrics and the pieces attention to detail was phenomenal. The absolute beauty of the pieces as they glided down the runway at the most prestigious fashion event in the UK, you’d never believe they had been inspired by a blue hedgehog from the gaming world.

Maybe one day we might see streets of rage appearing on the runway. Until then we’ll keep the gaming and fashion world guessing.

Fyodor Golan have partnered with Plastic Oceans UK to become the first UK charity to focus on plastic pollution in the oceans for their Spring/Summer 19 show. The combined aim is to raise awareness of the plastic pollution crisis. Using plastic debris from fishing as the focus, the designers created impressive backdrops using discarded and abandoned fishing gear. 

To find out more about Plastic Oceans UK visit their website at

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