Pigeon Detectives: Up, Guards And At 'Em.

The Basics
They were the darlings of the indie-scene back in 2007, but they've been a little quiet of late, in fact it's been three years since their second album. They relocated to Brooklyn to record this, so we could be led to expect something a bit different from the second most famous band from Leeds, but the one's with by far the silliest name. (The other's are the Kaiser Chiefs, btw)
The Verdict
Try as I might, there's just not much to be said for the songs here, other than, what's gone wrong? In 2007 you'd find it hard to escape hearing Take Her Back or I'm Not Sorry where ever you went, but there's just none of that excitement here.
Even after several listens I found myself at the end of the album with no desire to hear any of it again. I did try but couldn't really work up any enthusiasm for what is in all honesty a bland and uninteresting album.
It's a shame, as they really seemed to arrive with such promise a few years ago, but the ominous 3 year gap between albums has not done them any favours. They must have thought the move to the US would add some sparkle, but it seems to have done nothing for them.
Mark Perkins


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