Pig Might Fly

February 25 sees the launch of new record label aiming to strongly push Sheffield’s music and arts.
Itchy Pig Records is the name of the project which will be hitting the ground running with an event at new venue DLS (Dirty Little Secret) in Shalesmoor which is open to everybody and anybody.
Expect a good old fashioned warehouse rave.
The label is involved in many projects ranging across a broad area of creative arts, including Electronica Unsigned.
“The aim is to help new acts and artists to get their music in the limelight,” said founder Leeroy. “We work closely with a lot of labels. There are so many types of music and it’s so hard to get yourself out there, so we’re going to help point them in the right direction.”
The label has also agreed to co-run the Land Festival which started last year. “I attended the festival last year without any involvement and was thinking of ways to improve it,” continued Leeroy. “It’s not just about the music, it’s also about the arts and the visual side of things.”
Exciting stuff. Head to for more.

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