Petal to the Metal – Eufloria Bitcoin Bundle

We’ve written about Eufloria before, but now Sheffield-based devs TunaHQ have released their 'gardening in space' sim as part of a digital currency bitcoin version. Ker-ching.


Bitcoin is a bit like a smiley face Paypal and there’s been reports about it being used to buy drugs and other illicit things (So, like every other currency then?) but it’s also a bank-less, open source way of buying things which might just be the future. Tuna's PC bundle is the first time the buzzy Bitcoin have partnered with a games dev so it's actually quite the coup…  


The Bitcoin Bundle features Eufloria (in classic and HD flavours) plus paper-ey adventure/puzzle And Yet It Moves, sticky fingered World of Goo and the spectral Spirits. It’s pay what you want so you can pretty much decide what you’d like to spend. 10% goes to Electronic Frontier Foundation, who sound like the kind of people who’d spend most their time fighting cybermen but are actually a kind of digital defenders of the earth who help out when the internet does something naughty like not respecting your privacy.


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