Perfect Burger draws swift decision from Ref

Woodseats' American Diner Swanky Franks have blown the whistle on their competition to design the perfect burger.
Judged by World Cup final ref Howard Webb, the winning entry – by 45 year old Medical Practioner Sumeet Vohra utilised a unique 1-1-3-2 formation. Sumeet's "Portabelle Belle" offered an original Swanky Franks burger topped with a portobello flat mushroom and finished off with sun dried tomatoes, garlic and red chilli and a little olive oil and lemon juice running down the flanks.
Finishing a close 2nd was 29 year old Rebecca Sykes with another superb burger – "The Mexican" made with grated spicy Mexicana cheese topped with rings of green jalapeno peppers, crispy brown onions and a touch of mixed tomato/tobasco ketch up – a hot contender to say the least
The Portabelle Belle will join the new Swanky Frank's menu shortly. No news on which existing burger is likely to be subbed.  


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