Payroll Union hit the trail for new LP

Still on the lam from the nineteeth century, southern gothic wildboys The Payroll Union are prompting a gold rush.
April's In Session stars are giving away a series of tracks from their forthcoming debut album, the first of which, Mary Lamson, is a tip of the hat to their forthcoming appearance as part of the 'Night of Folk and Americana' at Sheffield's Upper Chapel. The gig is part of the city's Sensoria Festival, which starts tomorrow (Exposed's Mark Perkins previews it here on our Up The Narrow Stairs blog). 

The second track, Out Of Missouri, will be available to download from The Payroll Union's website as free download from 1st May. It's the second of six free songs the band will be releasing over the coming months as a trail for their forthcoming debut album, Antebellum, due for release in Autumn. Expect to see plenty of tracks from it at their Tramlines appearance. Yee, and indeed, Haw.

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