Paul Oakenfield: The Goa Mix 2011

Since he began DJ-ing in a Covent Garden wine bar in the late 70’s, it is difficult to think of an area of music that Paul Oakenfield has not been involved in. 
Film soundtracks, re-mixes for major recording artists, concert promotion; he’s even been the opening act for Madonna, so his achievements are many and varied. 
In 1994, his landmark ‘Goa Mix’ was broadcast on Radio 1.  It became a classic in the field of dance-trance mixes and listeners voted it the ‘Best Essential Mix Ever’.  It even won a silver Sony award, but has never been officially released, due to licensing issues, so this double CD update is like my library books.  Long overdue. 
Whatever your view of the mid-90s trance-dance scene, it is hard not to be carried along with this irresistible mix of uplifting dance music. 
Oakenfield has added tracks he felt were missing from the original mix, to present us with around two hours of seamless dance grooves, so whether you were there and want to re-live your youth, or just want to know what all the fuss was about, this is …dare I say it?… essential.  If you’re looking for a CD to get your party crowd dancing, this is the one. 
No need to put together your own sequence of dance tunes, just stick this on.  Film soundtracks from Blade Runner and Dracula meld with some more expected beats from ‘Man With No Name’ and ‘Goldie’, confirming why this became the blueprint for what became known as the ‘DJmix’

5 out of 10 ( or 9 out of 10 if you were there in ’94 )

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