Paul Morrison – Millennium Gallery Exhibition

Sheffield-based artist Paul Morrison is holding his largest exhibition yet at Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery from June 7th – 4th November 2012.
If you've never seen Morrison’s paintings, you're unlikely to forget them once you have – featuring flowers that tower eerily over monochrome landscapes, and often filling entire walls, his works are seriously ambitious in both scale and content.
Where inspiration is concerned, Morrison seems to have taken a fair bit of influence from his Sheffield home. But it's not just the themes which bear a debt of origin to our South Yorkshire city. Paul Morrison also occasionally produces ltd edition prints laser-etched on steel. Now if that doesn’t pay tribute to his home town we don’t know what does!
The Millennium gallery exhibition will feature a dazzling array of Morrison's work including drawings, prints, sculpture and film, and apparently also one of his biggest paintings yet. Don't miss out on this one! For more information Go here.

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