Outta Spaced – Pegg/Frost/Wright Podcast

Let’s get down to zombusiness! The Time is Nigh for the third part in Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, following the head-smashing success of Shaun of the Dead and the slow motion gunplay of Hot Fuzz – and we've a brand new Bitey Snappy Dialogue podcast with The Showroom to celebrate!


Raised from the dead for this edition we’ve Si and Danielle from The Showroom (plus your host, Exposed Web Editor Rob) for a drooling, stumbling chat about the beehive (undead, one assumes) of triv that is Shaun of the Dead, frighteningly earnest discussion of how to survive a zombie attack if you’re in Sheffield’s favourite independent cinema, plus Rob's patented ‘Shed Theory of British Cinema’ and our regular feature ‘What’s Si Angry About This Week’. We might just stumble upon the secret reason why Shaun of the Dead is such a beloved classic of British Cinema too. Bon appetite!



The World's End opens this Friday. Visit The Showroom cinema website here. 


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