We are always on the prowl for emerging artists and we may have hit bullseye with local talent Just Seppy.

It is exciting to see any flourishing artists on the Sheffield music scene but rhythmic, melodic and catchy Just Seppy has particularly promising talents. Starting at age 14, not only does the guy rap, sing and produce but he writes all his own material – surely the epitome of an all rounder if ever we did see one. Many people are out there grafting self-published music but with Conor aka Just Seppy it is a sound you’re going to want to hear again and again. Recently Just Seppy released a music video for ‘Settle Down’, a track off his anticipated debut album. Be sure to check it out and witness the level of star quality and professionalism this guy possesses. It has been a long time since we had a break through act that wasn’t on the indie scene and we have high-hopes he could be our Yorkshire Drake equivalent. Keep your eyes peeled as we follow this guy into the New Year and Follow @JustSeppy on social networking to stay in the loop about his album release set for next year. Oh, and testament to the genuinely nice guy that he is, you can download his new song for free here,

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