Oh, Danny Boy!

Girls (and certain guys), get ready – the Wildboyz will soon be upon you. Eek.
The show, starring the best of British Beef with cage-fighter-turned reality star Alex Reid, ex-Hollyoaks heartthrob Marcus Patrick, Big Brother series 9 contestant Dale Howard, and Dancing on Ice/ex-Corrie star Danny Young, kicks off its 21-date cross country tour on April 24 – hitting Sheffield City Hall on May 2.
Dubbed “The Full Monty meets Ibiza”, the story goes like this. Travelling back from a bachelor party in Bali, an ash cloud leaves the boys stranded in a cheap Spanish hotel, where international male strippers the ‘Wildboyz’ are meant to perform for a hen party. When the troupe don’t show up, our beefcakes take it upon themselves to rise to the occasion and get their kit off for the lasses. Expect lots of laughs, fake tan and flesh, in a performance (brace yourselves) “guaranteeing not a dry seat in the house”.

Cockney geezer Danny Young, 26, already has a plethora of experience behind him – with appearances in indie feature films such as ‘Landscape of Lies’ and ‘Payback Season’ and TV shows such as The Bill, Grange Hill, and a long term stint as Warren on Coronation Street. He’s even collaborated with Spandau Ballet crooner and Eastenders badman, Martin Kemp, both in front of and behind the camera in his directorial efforts. We caught up with him to talk nudity, nerves… and his mother.
So Danny, how are your guns looking?
They’re looking OK, they’re getting there! Still got a way to go yet though – I only started training properly two weeks ago!
Did you agree to do Wildboyz straight away?
I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve never done theatre before, and the story’s a bit out there, but I’m glad I’m doing it now. I’m used to taking my clothes off in public so I’m not too nervous about that.
Is there lots of testosterone fuelled competition going on behind the scenes?
LOADS.  More like boys banter, as we’ve only met up altogether twice. There’s definitely some male bonding going on. Dale is a personal trainer, so he knows loads about the body – we’re all getting tips off him.
Like the characters in Wildboyz, have you got any of your own stories from cheap Spanish hotels?
Nope, not from cheap Spanish hotels. Don’t know what you’re talking about. You heard wrong. Never happened.
Hmm, right then. You’ve been on Dancing on Ice, in Christmas pantomimes, Coronation St and now a live tour. Do you prefer being in front of a live audience or do you miss the comfort of Corrie?
Well, I’ve been a TV man all my life, so it’s nice to be able to see the audience, their reactions, and work with them… even if I’m scared, nervous, anxious, and all the rest of it. You can forget your lines, trip up, things that don’t matter as much when you’re doing TV! It’ll be alright though. No room for stage fright in this show!
Were you disappointed that your hat had more to do with you coming fifth in Dancing on Ice than your actual dancing?
Fuming. Honestly I can’t even describe it. I knew as soon as the hat came off I was a goner. To this day, I still get the ‘ump. Unbelievable.

I can hear the anger in your voice! What’s your worst live audience experience?
You’re currently seeing Canadian pro skater Brianna Delcourt, who you met on that show. How does she feel about you becoming a stripper?
She’s cool about it. The outfits Bri wears for her routines are tiny and that’s totally fine with me. I was taking my top off in magazines when we met so she can’t complain!
Will your mother be coming to see you, and will she be proud?
No doubt she’ll be coming to see me with her mates and they’ll all be cheering me on – and I’ll be absolutely shitting myself!
That’s conjured up a very pleasant image. Wouldn’t wanna be on the front row. What are your plans for the future? More work with Martin Kemp?
Well, I want to get back into work properly. I co-produced Martin Kemp’s film Stalker, so there’s a possibility of more work with him, and I see his daughter Harley a lot too – she’s a photographer. I love being an actor but being behind the camera gives you an appreciation of everyone else’s role in the production of scenes. It doesn’t just stop once you’ve read your lines!
Finally, have you got any messages for the Sheffield girls?
I can’t wait to see all of you lovely ladies and I hope you enjoy the show!
The Wildboyz hit Sheffield City Hall on May 2. Visit www.sheffieldcityhall.com and head to www.wildboyztheshow.com for more.
Words: Holly Kiernan

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