Noodling at Noodle Inn – Centro Opening!

Popular Chinese restaurant, Noddle Inn, has finally made its way into town with aptly named 'Noodle Inn Centro'. Situated on Westfield Terrace, it's a venture two years in the making thanks to planning permission applications for a smart glass roofed extension and a tranquil garden to the back. 
And, well, those two years were well worth the wait! The extension makes the place feel as though it goes on forever which, given how busy the London Road based Noodle Inn is, is truly a good thing. The décor is opulent to the extreme with gold wallpaper adorned with pretty images depicting traditional Chinese scenes. The ceiling doesn't escape the treatment as that too is a collection of beautiful works of art. The new extension with its glass roof offers a tidy contrast with a somewhat calming, bright and airy space. Walk down to the back of the building and you'll reach the garden. It's a triumph. With a flower garden, water feature and pretty lights dangling from the trees it's a city centre oasis.

But we really want to know about the food. And it's excellent. Those of you who have been to Noodle Inn before will know that there is more to this restaurant than plates of noddles, tasty though they are. There's everything from dim sum to sweet and sour chicken to dishes with enough chilli in them to put you off for life (although they never do…). Unlike other Chinese restaurants in Sheffield their beef, chicken AND lamb is Halal, ensuring that the Asian market is fully catered for. Drinkers are also looked after with a small bar by the entrance and a wine list containing the usual suspects (including a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc) with prices starting at around £11 a bottle.
As opening nights go it was pretty auspicious, and we also got the added bonus of a lion dance before food was served! Thought to ward off evil spirits and bring the venue good luck for the year ahead, it was an awesome sight as it danced its way through the restaurant, had a quick stop off at the kitchen, then came back to perform for us. 
Noodle Inn fans will love this city centre venue, the third in its noodley empire (Mandar Inn is theirs too), and will be glad to hear that there will soon be a fourth as the former Jabu restaurant will shortly become Noodle Inn Hot Pot. Specialising in Chinese fondue, Hot Pot diners will be able to choose from a variety of stocks along with a choice of ingredients to be cooked in the boiling stock at their tables. Watch this space for a review….
Noodle Inn Centro, 15 Westfield Terrace, Sheffield, S1. Visit their website here. 

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