Nom Nom Nom – Team Cooper's Dick and Dom BAFTA Adventure

Funfairs. Frequently associated with god tier nightmare fuel including (bogeys) clowns, Mr.Punch and the mad kid with the aroma (and personality) of curded milk from the estate, they (bogeys) frighten us in ways we can barely describe.
So we were pretty excited (BOGEYS) to discover that Sheffield-based vidja makers Team Cooper have taken some of their terrible power away by bringing them into the more welcoming world of armoured ducks and used felt tip pens in a collaboration with celebrated CBeebies stars Dick and Dom.(BOGEYS!!!) And they’ve just won a BAFTA Games nomination for their efforts!
We’re old skool so we’re just as excited by the game of bogeys that’s broken out in the Exposed Office in celebration of this news but the game – Team Cooper’s first for the BBC – offers an authentic (if you’re ten or insane) funfair experience including the Snot Shot, Grabby Grab and the Plate Sick Spin. It also puts Cooper alongside the likes of Journey (our fave game of 2012), Proteus (ditto) and Halo 4 at the top UK games table. Give it a go here and make sure you catch the awards when they’re streamed on the BAFTA website here.
The BAFTA Games Awards happens on Tuesday 5th March and is hosted by Dara O’Briain. You can visit the Team Cooper website and play all their games (including the less rude than it sounds Nurse Quest for [adult swim]) here.

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