No Signs of Repair

Local label The Audacious Art Experiment showcase a day-long music and photography assault on May 21, addressing the wasteful and misguided re-development of Sheffield while being aptly located in an abandoned warehouse in the old industrial quarter of Kelham Island.

The exhibition offers a showing of Sheffield as it really is. Backing neither the contemporary architectural dreams that leading art groups and the council have, nor the twee past that is often looked back at in awe. The day promises to be a spotlight of reality showing little development or progression, whilst highlighting where the true communities exist, their wants, needs and what is important to them in a city.
In what is the label's biggest event of the year, there will also be a screening of the House of Choke documentary and label's next release; an improvised drum jam recorded and filmed in a disused Victorian swimming baths in Manchester.
Add to that the awesome array of bands showcasing their musical lusts and passions, the event has the certain makings of an incredible day at the office for local art. Bands include Sheffield's own Adidas wearing, post-punk shitters, Wooderson, who will be playing songs from their latest release as well as a batch of older furious grooves.

Other local musical ventures will arrive in the form of garage rockers Horses, and new indie heartthrobs, Algiers, as well as a smorgasbord of the best of underground bands from around the county.
Cheap booze, art and banging music; what else could you want to do on a Saturday? There's always the 02 Academy I suppose! But that's expensive and you get kicked out at ten. Come down after if you have to, the party wont stop until the cows come home, and that wont be happening any time soon.
Where: Cads art space – Smithfield St, Kelham island.
When: May 21
Time: 12pm – everyone goes home / the booze runs out
Cost: Five Sterling
Why: Because it's important.
For a full line up / more information go here or Facebook.

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