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The Sheffield Bar Scene & The Joys of Working in it.


The people of Sheffield are not yet spoilt by choice.  Our modest and precious bar scene is slightly behind the times when compared to say Manchester or Leeds.  Some people might say this is a bad thing, that the hottest and most cutting edge products and ideas are absent here, but they would be wrong.  They are here, just not in force.  We don't have streets lined with burger bars or gin palaces or prosecco lounges or craft beer halls like some of the other larger cities.  We have one to two of each, and currently that is enough, we're content; because we aren't spoilt.  


And that is why it is a joy to work within this relatively young and growing scene; interacting, associating and to some extent socialising with a wholly unspoilt and unpretentious crowd.  The Sheffield scene remains predominantly untouched by the fickle masses of other cities, where pontificating trends come and go at an almost constant level.  These masses cling to an idea like ticks on a donkey, and only let go when the trending donkey dries up, or another cooler donkey turns up for them to suck on.  
This is surely a worrying thought, to know that this is happening in cities so close to us.  I worry that if we aren't careful, that if too many of these £multi-million 'craft' companies fill our humble streets with their 'artisan' venues and 'bespoke' products, that we might see a total shift in the aesthetic and attitude of our community-based and vibrant Sheffield scene.

I hear about what the people of Sheffield want everyday.  I listen and I take note.  There are never cries of woe or disdain relating to the size of our bar scene or the things going on within it.  There is something here for everyone in Sheffield, there is an almost perfect balance of variety and most importantly of all there isn't too much of it.  After all, everybody knows that too much of a good thing is bad for you.

James Prescott is a bar manager at a popular location on Devonshire Street.  He enjoys long walks, drinking, eating and thrash metal.

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