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A lot of the brands and styles you'll see on this blog come straight from our streets, but some Sheffield brands have maintained their Steel City roots primarily as online boutiques. One such example of a footloose and fancy free brand is NO CLOTHING…
They have built up a strong following in Sheffield, stickers covering many a lamppost across the city, and their big cartel store sees regular newly designed additions of their signature t-shirts.
A NO CLOTHING sized parcel arrived on the Style City door step a few weeks ago, and it called out to be paired with a military style parka to keep with the industrial feel. My NO CLOTHING t-shirt is one of the first designs from the brand, and my, how they've grown.

A lot of what I love about Sheffield almost seems to be stitched into the fabric. The rock culture (did you see their collaboration with music producers Girls on Drugs, the love of vintage and reworking. Standing out from the crowd, as if defying fashion altogether.
Now just over a year old, you might find a NO CLOTHING specimen in A New Shop on Division Street. If all in store pieces have been snapped up though (and I highly suspect they may have been), make sure you check out their online store.

NO CLOTHING have currently got a cheeky discount when you order online – just enter discount code ‘EXPOSED’ on the checkout to get 15% off your entire purchase. 
Can't get enough of NO CLOTHING? Their Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter @NoClothingUK are all open for business. Have a gorge. 

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